PDH RAN Solutions

PDH RAN Solutions

FIBCOM products applicable in above scenario:

  • 6325- Edge Node
  • 6350- Switch Node
  • 6335- Switch Node
  • RAN solution can work with any transmission infrastructure, be it TDM based (PDH or SDH), cell based (ATM), or packet based (IP). The deployment of 3G wireless networks will inherently require more bandwidth between the Base Station and

    Base Station Controller.

    EoPDH provides 32 Mb/s of bandwidth (16 x E1), while also taking advantage of the economic merits of Ethernet for an IP UTRAN (Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network). More importantly, the GFP/VCAT and LCAS features will improve

    performance for latency-sensitive applications and network availability, respectively.


  • Scalable Fast-Ethernet based broadband service (max. 32 Mb bandwidth) over PDH network : When Ethernet is not supported by network operator
  • Mobile: 4 x Node B with FE Interface (3G rel 5) backhaul at sites with no Ethernet availability per 6325 node
  • Features

  • Ethernet OAM to support SLA (ITU Y.1731)
  • Integrated management (DCC) via GFP overhead. Manageable from the 6300 NMS
  • Technology

  • GFP encapsulation according to ITU-T G.8040
  • Virtual Concatenation of n x E1s according to ITU-T G.7043
  • Scalable (up to 4 x FE flows each with32 Mbit/s bandwidth in one EMAP module) with hitless upgrade (LCAS)