Metro & Monorail Networks

Metro rail & Monorail goal is to provide a more reliable and secure service. They require sophisticated communications solutions for its increasingly complex operations like monitoring and managing safety and signaling systems, load movement and passenger experience.

Fibcom fulfills the communications needs transportation companies. We provide solution that not only to support legacy applications as well as to provide a smooth migration to next generation networks.

Benefits for Operators

• Single vendor solution
• Lower Total Cost of Ownership
• Easy Scalability
• Ease of Deployment and Operation
• Local support system for long term Operation and Maintenance support
• In house R&D for customized solutions
• System design to meet the Reliability Availability Maintainability Safety requirements of Metro Rail and Mono Rail environment.

FIBCOM has successfully completed the Integration of following communication systems for the rail and metro projects

• Data Transmission system, LAN/MAN system
• Master Clock
• Clock System
• Telephone System
• CCTV System
• Public Address System
• Radio System
• Passenger Information System
• Train Borne Communication System
• Office Automation & Information Technology System
• UPS & Battery Backup System
• Driver Omni Operation
• Integrated Control and Management System.
• Access Control and Intrusion Detection System