Ethernet Private Network (EPN)

The Ethernet Private Network (EPN) provides individual multipoint-to-multipoint services (L2 VPNs). The users that are connected to an EPN communicate as if they were connected via a standard Ethernet LAN switch.

EPN as a combination of MPLS switching and Ethernet switching. Label Switch Paths (LSPs) from the individual Ethernet UNIs of the EPN are terminated at a virtual Ethernet switch instance (Private Ethernet Switch). To separate traffic from individual customers there will typically be allocated one Private Ethernet switch per customer.

In EoSDH the SDH network transports Ethernet via virtual concatenation groups (VCGs). EPL bandwidth can be made granular through the use of LCAS. The L1 EPL services implemented using EoSDH mapping.

Our Solution

FIBCOM products applicable in above scenario:

  • 6325- Edge Node
  • 6335- Switch Node