Business & Wholesale Carrier Ethernet Services

Telecommunications market has transformed from a single network provider that owns and operates the whole network to various network providers competing for the connectivity business(voice, data connectivity and triple play). Inter-operability is critical between both different access and core network providers and also between connectivity and content providers. As a result, standardization has become a key issue.

Ethernet is well standardized and easy to inter-work with core technologies. Ethernet has matured significantly over the past year and has become the dominant data-link protocol in business and households. Enhancements in OAM capabilities from ITU-T Y.1731, IEEE 802.1g and 802.1h has helped establishing Ethernet as carrier class networking services

Challenges faced by Provider
• End-to-end SLA management
• OAM inter-operability and
• Synchronization

• Flexibility for the carrier partner and their customer.
• Scalability
• Significantly reduction in operation expenses
• Easily Managed platform

Our Solution
FIBCOM products applicable in above scenario:
• 6325- Edge Node
• 6335- Switch Node