6500 (Packet Optical Platform)

Scalable Transmission rates from 155Mb to 100G and beyond
Faster Service Delivery with single TDM/Ethernet/WDM/OTN platform

Main Features :

  • Long Haul Transport: High perform Coherent Optics (40G/100G); 88I 50GHz – 8 Way ROADM
  • Packet OTN Switching: 600G to 3.2T, Packet/OTN I/O + Muxponders, Multi-Layer (L2-L0), Integrated control plane
  • Metro Transport and Aggregation : Integrated 50GHz ROADM; Ds1 – 200G.
  • Interfaces: 4G/100G, ULH Extension
  • Enterprise/Optical Services: FC100/200/400/800/1200/ISC3 ISC3P/ESCON, 100G Metro