2G to 3G Mobile RAN Migration

2G to 3G Mobile RAN Migration

Customer Requirements

  • Mobile Internet
  • Real-time multimedia
  • Mobile commerce and much more
  • Our Solution
    Given decreasing average revenue per users (ARPU) and the expected increase in data traffic after introduction of 3G, it is imperative to quickly grow your backhaul capacity while lowering costs.

    Fibcom expertise in managed radio access network (RAN) transport and mobile backhaul experience will help service providers to seamlessly evolve their networks.

    Fibcom Mobile Backhaul solutions offer carrier-class reliability and a lower-cost way to support 3G and 4G services. We optimize mobile transport in Ethernet, IP/MPLS and SONET/SDH applications.

    FIBCOM products applicable in above scenario:

  • 6325- Edge Node
  • 6350- Switch Node
  • 6335- Switch Node
  • Applications

  • 3G network migrating to 3G R5
  • Multiple E1 and FE introduced at Node B
  • Pseudo Wire Tunneling (PWE3)
  • L2 Ethernet aggregation with MPLS based QoS
  • EoPDH in 6325 (if no fiber is available)
  • Benefits

  • Provides a lower total cost of ownership in the long run.
  • Provisioning of service up to five times faster than competitors
  • Offers fast, flexible migration to 3G.
  • Investment protection with the support of routing in the RAN backhaul
  • Delivering carrier-class reliability- “five nines”.
  • Trusted, leading vendor with successful deployments in mobile networks.
  • Features

  • Seamless integration of TDM/FR/ATM/Ethernet/SDH and IP
  • Complete solution from mobile core to hub and cell site
  • Comprehensive end-to-end network management
  • Fast, cost-effective, remote, automated provisioning
  • OAM capability for remote troubleshooting
  • Adaptive time recovery/synchronization
  • Backed up by Fibcom Services to optimize, simplify and speed network deployment